Wash Bundle

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Here we have a package that sold separately will retail at £37.46 posted...for 6 of these we are offering them at 23.49 posted...a saving of over £10

1 x 500ml Krystal Kleen Detail 'A'KLEEN' All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate. 

Krystal Kleen Detail's 'A-Kleen' APC is a highly concentrated multipurpose cleaner. It can be dulited up to 100:1 whilst still maintaining excellent cleaning power. When used at higher concentrations, it can be used to remove even grease and oil deposits from vehicle interiors.

It is primarily aimed at vehicle interior cleaning from hard surfaces to fabrics and even leather. It is completely safe on all surfaces and is completely non-caustic. This means it will not stain trim or glass as will some APC's that are corrosive in use.

It is also pleasantly lemon scented and leaves your car interior smelling as fresh as it looks.

1 x 500ml Krystal Kleen Detail Cherry Wash pH Neutral Shampoo

A high performing car shampoo that contains no gloss enhancers or modifiers. Dilutes up to 250:1 makiing it extremely economical in use. Contains anti-mar properties making it ideal for maintenance details whilst its pH neutral cleaning abilities also make it perfectly suited for everyday use.

1 x Liquid Elements Orange Baby 800gsm Drying Towel (60x40cm)

1 x LE Microfibre Wash Sponge