Premium SOFTouch TopWool Polishing Pad

Scholl Concepts Premium SOFTouch TopWool Polishing Pad is an extra dense quality version of Scholl Concepts' standard SOFTouch TopWool Polishing range. These innovative pads combine the advantages of natural wool with those of a foam pad - maximum cut with optimum handling. These premium wool polishing pads have an extra interface layer for pressure control and adjustment to the surface to be polished. The result is a pad with the high cutting performance of a natural fibre pad combined with the usability of a foam pad.


  • Top quality - 100% natural wool
  • The unique wool density sets a benchmark
  • Low-linting wool
  • Contains no synthetic fibres
  • Washable at 30 degrees C

When eliminating paint blemishes using the S17+ one-step compound, Scholl Concepts recommends the use a SOFTouch TopWool Polishing Pad for increased efficiency. The natural wool fibres contribute to quicker elimination of sanding marks and scratches of up to 30% compared to normal foam polishing pads. Plus, natural wool drastically reduces the amount of heat generated during polishing due to the heat absorbing characteristics of wool fibres.

Pad cut: Heavy (5-6/6)