Orange Peel Removal Pad (Stage 2)

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This special pad is designed to remove the orange peel from the top surface of the paintwork as with the Stage 1 pad. However because of the intermediate foam layer it is slightly less aggressive and also suited to panels with more pronounced contours.. This makes this pad more suited to softer paints or paint finishes that are less severely affected.

These pads are used as a replacement to wetsanding and wont leave fine sand scratches in the paintwork but will still remove paint from the top layer.

These pads should always be used on a test area first and always with a Paint Thickness Gauge as they are very deceiving in use.

Warning this pad should have a sufficient coating thickness before being used. Only be used by professionals.


To use the pad should affixed to a 125mm backing plate and the surface primed with Pad Prime first. 4 pea sized blobs of LE Crystal Rock Polish should be applied to the face. The polish should then be worked into an are approx 25 x 25cm. Slow speeds should be used to start with and slowly progressing up to 1200-1500rpm. If the pad starts to become dry re apply Pad Prime & polish as necessary.

After the desired finish is reached it will be necessary to refine down with polishing pads and polish.