Misty Mango Bundle

This product is currently sold out.

The misty mango bundle consists of.........

  • 150ml of MIST X Detailing Spray in Mango fragrance but with all the gloss enhancing and ultra slick qualities that has made our regular 'Mist X' a best seller amongst hobbyist and professionals alike....
  • A pack of 4 high quality all purpose 'Green General' 380gsm edgeless microfibres.
  • One 'Krystal Grey' 500gsm edgeless microfibre thats gentle enough for even the softest of paint.

The microfibres alone retail for £14.88 combined before the Mist X and without postage. This bundle will come to your door via Royal Mail Small parcel 2nd Class mail for the grand total of £13.99 when you use the code MISTYMANGO at checkout and select Royal mail small parcel 2nd class.

Mango fragrance is not available anywhere else..only on this offer...dont miss out !!!

Available until 10th May