Mist X (Bubblegum) & Microfibre Offer

To introduce our new KRYSTAL BLUE v2 microfibre we have a limited amount of a special 500ml Bubblegum MIST X Detail Spray and Krystal Blue packs for the bargain price of £12.99 plus p&p. Normal retail price for both items is £17.48.

The Krystal Blue v2 is an ultra plush 600gsm edgeless towel and 40x40cm in size.

The Blue Bubblegum variant only exists with this offer..............50 available

MIST X' Quick Detailing Spray is a concentrated polymer blend for fast and easy finishing of painted surface.

Advanced wetting agents ensure excellent coverage and a very thin polymer coating which enhances the gloss and reflectivity of surfaces. The hydrophobic polymers provide a boost to your LSP and ensure excellent buffability and offer mar resistance thanks to the super slick finish.