LUSH LEATHER Cleaner & Protectant

Krystal Kleen Detail Lush Leather Cleaner & Protectant is a pH Neutral that cleans  your leather with natural oils and agents. Whether you have a modern car with a 'coated' leather finish or a classic with a natural finish Lush leather will gently clean and care for your leather leaving it cleansed and smelling of a rich leather aroma like the day it left the factory. 

Lush leather should be applied with a soft microfibre and buffed gently until the desired effect is reached.


We also supply Lush Leather with specially selected microfibres and applicators that are gentle on your leather.


Car Kit comprises of :

LUSH LEATHER Microfibre. A high quality edgeless design with a luxurious 450 GSM quality. 40x40cm in size. This microfibre is also double sided with a shorter pile one side that almost feels like silk for even gentler treatment of sensitive finishes.

Microfibre Applicator. This is for the application and initial cleaning and very gentle on the finish unlike some harsh foam applicators.