Leather Infusion Cleaner/Protectant (LEC)

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Leather Infusion 

High quality emulsion for the cleaning, care and sealing of all leather parts.

Produces a color-refreshing, supple result and intensifies the incomparable leather fragrance.

Provides the necessary care for all types of leather and a pleasantly soft feel.

Leather or infusion is suitable for any work on your leather. 

Remove dirt, and seal your leather to protect against new contamination in just one step.

Application note:

Apply Liquid Elements "Leather Infusion" to a microfiber cloth and rub the surface to be treated. 

It is always advisable to work on the entire surface in order to avoid color differences.

In the case of coarse soiling, rubbing with a brush can be assisted, or the process repeated.

Finally, wipe the treated surface dry with a new microfiber cloth.