LE Bilateral Interior Cloth

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The Bilateral is the perfect cloth in terms of price / performance, which is perfect for indoor activities, any application in the interior is ideal for this cloth. 
The edgeless cloth is specially designed for cleaning and prevents scratches.

The high-quality microfibre cloth is suitable for processing all cockpit cleaners, textile cleaners and interior cleaners . Lint-free work is possible with the Inside Towel. 
We especially recommend the combination with the Liquid Elements Insider interior cleaner for an optimally clean vehicle interior without stains or a greasy shine.

- Size: 40x40 cm 
- Weight: 380 grams per m2 
- Edge: borderless 
- Fiber: Ultramicrofiber

Suitable for the interior.

Other data:
Article number: T11

80% polyester 
20% polyamide 

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