Khimaera Hybrid Wax

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Khimaera Hybrid Wax is is a blend of high quality waxes blended with oils and polymers to give the high gloss levels associated with show waxes but with the addition of polymer sealants to extend durability. This gives show wax looks for winter use...........

Simply apply via applicator to prepared paintwork and leave to haze and then buff clear with a clean dry quality microfibre such as the Liquid Elements Waxer. Easy on and easy off with excellent durability of 4 months plus on a well maintained car

Presented in a 200ml magenta glass jar in a black presentation box.


Also available as a 50ml panel pot with silver and blue foil labelling and presented in a drawstring magenta satin gift bag embossed with the Krystal Kleen Detail logo in metallic silver.