Fureater & Bio-Kleen

This bundle is ideal for those cars where dogs and pets cause you a headache everytime you clean the car...............

FUREATER Pet Hair Brush (RRP 23.99)

FurEater Pet Hair Removal Tool. Attach the FurEater mouth piece to your vacuum cleaner. The patented soft micro fins collect the hair so it they can be easily absorbed by the vacuum cleaner.

FurEater works effectively and without any rotating or hair cluttering mechanisms.

BIOKLEEN Enzyme Eater & Deodouriser (£17.99) 

BIO-KLEEN is designed to tackle those hard to treat biological spillages that can be otherwise hard to tackle. BIO-KLEEN works by actively attacking the bacteria that causes unpleasant odours with a blend of active enzymes and de-odourising agents.

Simply clean the area to be treated of excess soiling. Spray affected area liberally and allow to soak for a short while to allow active ingredients to work on the problem. Agitate if necessary. Area should then be cleaned either manually or by spray extraction. On heavy soiling a second application may be required.

Can be used on a wide range of soiling from vomit, urine and other biological contaminants.

Both of these together retail at £41.98. Together for the Boxing week sale we have a limited number of these fpr sale at £24.99