EASTER Bundle 1

Just for this Easter weekend we have a limited edition bundle of two of our best selling products in 'easter' fragrances.

LEMON WASH - 500ml of our maintenance shampoo in vivid yellow with a sharp lemon fragrance. No gloss enhancers or additives. just pure cleaning power with lubricating quaiities that help prevent marring during the wash process.

MIST X - Our best selling detailing spray with exceptional gloss enhancing qualities perfect for use at wash times as a standalone product or as a drying aid. In a rich chocolate fragrance

Couple this with the new Liquid Elements Golden Baby Drying Towel. 60x40cm and 800gsm makes it an excellent addition to your wash regime.

and........... the new LE Bilateral buffing cloth 40x40cm and 380gsm..great with Mist X

Normal retail price....... £31.46

Bundle Price ..... £24.99

but then you add BUNNY15....:-) £21.24

The bad news .... only 20 available with the towel addition

Without the towels £15.99