Citrus Magic Pre-Wash *NEW*

New and Improved CITRUS MAGIC Prewash from KKD. Whats new? The original Citrus magic rapidly became one of our best selling products due to performance and economy. When looking at ways to improve an already best selling product we looked towards increased economy, replacing some ingredients with friendlier and stronger alternatives whilst retaining the performance that was popular with trade and home users alike. We have also retained the foaming agents that allow it a longer dwell time when applied by foam lance and also the bactericidal agents that target mold and algae that is common on soft top convertibles.

It is a true all rounder as it can be used for any of the following:

  • As a prewash through a hand sprayer or pressure pump.
  • As an All Purpose Spot Cleaner on interior fabric and plastics.
  • As a cleaner for convertible soft top roofs as it also contains anti-bactericidal agents to help prevent mold regrowth.
  • Perfect for bug and fly splatter removal

Recommended dilutions are a rough guide and should be adjusted as necessary depending on level of soiling to be removed.

For exterior use as a prewash we recommend a dilution ratio of 1:20 and adjust as necessary.

Through a foam lance we recommend between 100ml & 200ml in a 1ltr lance bottle and topped with water. 

For interior use we recommend A-KLEEN All Purpose Cleaner and Citrus Magic as a spot cleaner to remove stubborn grease and oil stains.