CENTRIFORCE Foam Polishing Pad Sets

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The Liquid Elements "Centriforce" polishing  pads are a revolution in the auto industry.
The best possible foam manufactured in Germany is used for these polishing pads.
This foam material is specially developed for vehicle care and offers the best quality and promises a long service life.
The specially designed hole in the center of the polishing pad, ensures better cooling and produces centrifugal forces which improve and center the effect of polish 

There is a pad for every application in the Liquid Elements Centriforce range.
The Liquid Elements "Centriforce" polishing sponge Series offers an unbeatable price / performance ratio and is highly recommended particularly for large-stroke machines from 10mm stroke and upwards but also works perfectly on rotary polishers.


Technical specifications: 
Height / thickness: 25mm
surface structure: flat, with centred, conical hole.