Wash Bucket Offer with Mitt

This is a limited offer that comprises the following:

1 x KKD Collapsible Fabric Bucket with zip up carry case. Perfect to keep in the boot when travelling. Just unzip, remove from the bag and fill with water and the water keeps it upright. Once finished simply empty and fold down and its back in the bag. Grit Giards fit in the bottomof these perfectly.

1 x Grit Guard (Red)

1 x Short hair Wash  Mitt

1 x 250ml SLIK SEAL. This our luxury shampoo loaded with polymers and will add protection and shine to the mist neglected of cars.


1 x 500ml CHERRY WASH Maintenance Shampoo, our safe wash shampoo that lbricates while it cleans with no gloss enhancers.

All together this retails at over £30 but for a limited quantity w eare offering these at the giveaway price of £19.99